Rachel Dilley

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Dilley is Town Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer, and brings a wealth of experience in the dental and business sectors to the board. She is currently a registered dental nurse, with 30 years of experience, and is the registered manager of Town Hall and Beechwood Dental. She has worked with Imran Rangzeb, the Chief Executive Officer of Town Hall Group, for 20 years.

During her career so far, Rachel has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards by nationally recognised industry bodies, cementing her as a respected figure in the field.

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Rachel is responsible for making sure the daily operations of the group run smoothly. She oversees all organisations and ensures they have the resources to operate effectively, including acting as head of staff for the organisation. Additionally, she spearheads the development, design, and improvement of structures throughout The Town Hall Group.

Rachel has a strong relationship with the board of directors, and brings a wealth of confidence to empower the Town Hall Group’s vision and goals. As a passionate advocate of corporate social responsibility and a disability confident employer, she works to give opportunities to those from disadvantaged communities or challenging circumstances. Rachel is the trustee for several organisations, and is deeply involved in both the business and charitable local communities.