Welcome to Beechwood Dental

We are an NHS registered dental practice operating in Halifax, and a proud member of The Town Hall Group; a leading association of medical business and non-profits.

First and foremost, we are passionate about providing excellent patient care and alleviating your pain. Our team of dental professionals are not only highly skilled, but kind and welcoming as soon as you walk through our doors. We are consistently striving to meet your needs, which means we will always work in collaboration with you to create a plan to address your issues promptly, or refer you to our dental partner Town Hall Dental for more extensive, specialised treatment.

Additionally, we care for a varied group of patients. Many of the people we see are from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds, and as an NHS practice, we are committed to making everyone feel comfortable no matter their situation. We are also equipped to care for nervous patients, as we understand dental phobia can be a large barrier to seeking vital treatment. Our Beechwood Dental staff are judgment-free, reassuring, and informative; giving you the best chance to overcome your fears and improve your oral health long term.

When you visit us, you are part of our Beechwood community. We are honoured to be your local dental practice